Who is Z? What is Where Studio?

This Studio has been my personal passion for years, I have been artistic for as long as I can remember – when I was a kid I started by making my parents upset when my white bedroom wall became a canvas for pencil sketches. Then doing them proud when a family trip to Appledore Island in NH, for a marine biology look see, became artistic drawings of marine life and creatures in the tidal pools.  I have created glass sculpture, ceramics, random Legos and every possible thing I can with my hands. I took radios apart, built computers and rearranged software coding back in the 1980’s.  Art and Photography naturally emerged as strong skills for me to release my creative energy.

The first iteration of this Studio began out of college, morphing into a full C Corporation for 5 years before the Dot Bomb era and a life started. Now the Studio is a project and platform where I can share my creative talents.

I love candid and real photography – capturing the beauty of the world and all it’s inhabitants and spaces.

With close to 30 years of photography experience, starting in high school, settling into a degree program and working in the field, I’ve enjoyed exploring the world and seeing everything through a different ‘lens’ and perspective. Now I have fun guiding the younger generation using digital cameras with traditional knowledge, odd photography assignments and travel journals my way through all of life’s experiences!

You will often find me setting up “Adventure Time Outings to Shoot the World” and will take anyone interested in going outside and capturing what they see.

Working with glass manipulators, jewelry artists, painters, photographers, designers chefs and anyone with a creative unique vibe helps me expand my craft and share theirs with everyone.

Also, I try and share back to the community by working with small businesses, single person owners, artists who know what they want but really can’t afford or can’t attain it due to running their own business endeavors.  I love to partner with those people because I get to know about what they love, learn something about them and see if I can find ways to help.


Professional Photographers of South Carolina Member
Professional Photographers of America Member
Nikon Professional Services Member