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Prime Photographer

Zebrina has 30 years of photography experience, starting in high school, settling into a degree program and working in the field, she’s enjoyed exploring the world and seeing everything through a different ‘lens’ and perspective. Now her work includes guiding the younger generation using digital with traditional knowledge, odd photography assignments and travel journals her way through all of life’s experiences! Today you can find Zebrina setting up “Adventure Time Outings to Shoot the World” and takes anyone interested in going outside and capturing what they see.

Event galleries for some of the events we’ve shot.
LEHS Wrestling Scrimmage

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Artists Working with Where Studio

BV Photography :
Their focus is on portrait and motorsports photography. The owner, Bella, is a photographer and graphic designer/editor based in the southeastern region. Her work has been featured in multiple magazines and across all social medias. For the last four years she has helmed this amazing company, please follow the links and see examples of her work below.

– People Photography: Instagram | Facebook
– Vehicle Photography: Instagram | Facebook