Welcome to Where Studio

Great Googly Moogley – you found me!

I wander around and find where there are chances to take pictures and see creativity in life, I also encourage everyone to look for creativity and the beauty in life itself.

(hint: it’s anywhere and everywhere, you just have to be willing to see it)!

Where Studio is a project of Passion and I get to go where I want with my creative art and work with all levels of skill while I enjoy visits and adventures with the inhabitants of this world. Check out what I shoot here in my Portfolio!

I absolutely adore working with people, street photography, events, creativity, teaching, learning and basically anything to keep those creative juices working. The only thing I won’t do – promise something I can’t deliver on.

Enjoyment comes when I go on photo shoots, do workshops, learn from each other, explore different styles, art tools and just have fun with other creatives. There are regulars who join me and there are creative artists that I get to work with everywhere I go. These worldwide inhabitants vary but all are creative allies.

I also have a blog page where I might be irregularly posting what’s going on (working on getting more out there) but just in case you are curious… Random Thoughts

This Studio is not limited to Where we are or What might be normal for most… it’s a place Where Creativity Rules!