Environmentally sustainable advocate apparel to help our marine ecosystem!

When my daughter decided to pursue marine biology, we made a plan. First, get her certified so she could dive with me and see if it was really something she could do.

After scuba diving, we were introduced to marine biologists, dive masters, professionals who worked in the water and many who are environmentally conscious. We were introduced to Waterlust – a company that has advocate apparel – it was a group of marine scientists who were looking for another way to benefit the endeavors they cared so much about. They created this line of water apparel, made of recycled bottles where a percentage of the profits go directly to the research and education of marine life. #Waterlust

This is the Green Sea Turtle (CHELONIA MYDAS) collection Р10% profits donated to the FSU Marine Turtle Research, Ecology and Conservation Group, led by Dr. Mariana Fuentes