Where / Weyr?


Where Creativity comes together at the Weyr!

This is where the world of the Wyrd, the Dragons, the Artist Studio and the imagination and Fun Begins!

For those of you science fiction buffs out there you will recognize the term Weyr from Anne McCaffrey’s books about the fictional world of Pern.

For our purposes a Weyr is many things – it’s been a home away from home as a studio.  A Weyr /ˈwɪər/ is a collection of dragons, their riders and support staff per the definition of the book.  It is also a thought created in our creators mind referring to the network of caves with entrances built into cliffs, typically in volcanic areas or near the waters edge in wallows.  These were built out to add more structures so the whole community could gather and work together.

Our studio is termed Weyr to honour the idea of working together as a community to deliver something creative, innovative and fun!