Perspective of Imagery

Perspective – once you change it, you can never go back!

It’s always fun to change your perspective when taking photography and, for that matter, in any situation you may be experiencing.  This simple difference, looking at it from a strange new angle, can impact the visual hierarchy of your mind!


Wisteria House

South Carolina snow is beautiful when you can find locations tucked outin the middle of nowhere.

The lighting created an almost plain photo save for the colourful highlights of this abandoned structure.

Please let me know if you would like a print of this photograph.

Mirror Mirror Oh How Beautiful

Today was a fun and interesting day. Was taking photos of a product when low and behold the mirror opened up a strange new world… Took the time to get some of those Orbeez (water beads) used for kids and/or floral designs. They retain water like crazy but have become wacky and weird wonderful imagery when placed in a mirror!

It’s a reflection of a reflection which makes the image within the reflected bead – upright to the eye!